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edition of 80 on silver paper!
edition of 10 on stainless steel metal sheets!
edition of 40 variant “glam” edition!


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Continuing the ongoing series of comedy/extreme music shirts, comes SEINFELD DISTORTION!
get it and the like at

Freaks and…

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POP SUB 3! Out now!


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Was just informed Pocket Pistols Skateboards just released my artist series tribute boards! Three eras in skateboarding represented by three artists that were/are huge influences on me, and made me want to draw skateboards. Each graphic is said artists intertwined with one of their classic graphics. Special thanks to Color magazine, where the drawings were used first. Huzzah!

Mr. December!

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Since 2004, i have had the great pleasure to make pop culture activity books. These seem to do really well around december, because they are funny, silly, and yet put together with a lot of research and TLC. None of them are over ten dollars, and you have your bases covered, one for the rap fans, one for the metal folk, the punk peoples, and even the country music peeps! Since the next book has been pushed back to 2011, i wanted to remind you all how proud i am of these books. They (really, the gcrb) were “that thing” that got me notice outside of Chico, Ca. and i owe them a great debt for that. Thanks pop culture fun time activity books!

buy them here:

…and if you don’t have my son Cohen’s book, shame on you. It’s the best project i’ve ever been a part of, and features his collaborations with artists like Shepard Fairey, Barry Mcgee, Kaws, Mike Giant, and about 113 others!


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There are a few artists who made me want to do what I do, and this suite’s guest artist is one of them. Growing up, Vance Court Johnson’s (VCJ) work was the holiest of holies. His art for Powell Peralta is still viewed by many as the best skate art ever ( apologies to Jim Phillips, Pushead, and Mark Mckee!) and his work made me want to do skate decks, t-shirts, stickers, and posters. His art showed me the power of solid technique, iconography, and in your face radness. His work is timeless, and is just as great today as it was over twenty years ago.
VCJ is the man, and i owe him many thanks, and know many an artist that feels the same way.
He is also a bit of a myth, being that he dropped out of skate art for many, many years, and only within the last few has resurfaced to the skate world with his work for Pocket Pistols skates. All credit for this is due to Matt French (an insane artist as well as skater) and Chicken that this suite is possible, as they trusted me to make a quality print of a piece that not only represents VCJ but their company as well.
These dudes rule, in other words.
Since the guest artist was a hero to me, and his piece is a skeleton working a fast food window, I took a suggestion from my good friend Matt Loomis and had the theme of this suite represent “fast food death” mixing some pop culture consumerism with a tribute to the VCJ skulls i know and love. I Had a blast drawing them, so I hope you like it too.


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The Pop-Sub 7″ print club is here!

The Pop-Sub is an ongoing series of mini-prints, each set having at least three 7″ square prints, packaged in a 45 rpm record sleeve!

” Many a music fan was turned on to new bands via Sub Pop record’s 7″ singles club, so I had a thought… Why not make 7″ screenprints and do the same thing? So here we are, thanks to Tim and everyone at the Nakatomi print labs,  I can proudly introduce the POP SUB 7″ print club. Each set will include a couple of prints by me, one by a special guest, and follow a loose theme. Friends that were kind enough to sign up for future suites include Michael Munter, Munk One, John Baizley, Jay Ryan, Justin Bartlett and Aaron Horkey. No lineup or theme info will be given until right before onsale date, and runs will be small. I’m not your pappy, but you may want to subscribe to make sure you don’t miss out!
For the first suite (at an introductory low low price!) I chose to do print versions of shirt designs I’ve drawn for shirt companies Shirts and Destroy & Pony Attack. These marry my loves music, comedy and pop culture juxtapozition. I was lucky enough to convince Nakatomi overlord Tim Doyle to add to the funny with a great portrait of my main man Don Rickles. Great work, ya hockeypuck!”


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Beyond excited to report that i’ve been able to do a few boards for Baker! To do a board for someone like Andrew is pretty mindblowing, and they have been super cool to work with. I can only hope to do many many more!


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Was lucky enough to be asked to draw up another poster for Patton Oswalt, one of the funniest men in America, and a total joy to work with. This is the seventh poster we’ve done together, and i wanted this one to pay homage to Jack “King” Kirby, arguably the best comic book artist of all time.

The Skateboard Mag!

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The Skateboard Mag has stared running a skate based activity page in every other issue, and i couldnt be more excited. They have an amazing staff, and to be published alongside folks like Bratrud, Carnie, Atiba, Nieratko, Britian, Andy Jenkins  and Swift is crazy!