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all of my updates for the last few years have been on instagram or Facebook! know it may be a hassle but follow me on insta @ayejaydotcom or sorry for any hassle!

Phar Phar!

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Super excited to show you all the board and wheel graphic i did for the skateshop empire Pharmacy! They are great folks, and i was able to play around with some early American Revolution graphics to interconnect all of the Phar shops! Thanks guys!


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A little while back, myself and Faydog (my oldest friend in the world) had a two person show at the Ray Ray gallery, here in beautiful Chico, Ca.

We had a great time! His work is great, and i was able to paint custom scenes over my Chico prints, and there was a bunch of other fun stuff! check out the flikr link for pics at:

F5 nerd-ery!

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Tired of getting shut out on poster drop days!?! Aye Jay has got you covered! He utilized the services of a voodoo priest, making a sacred mash of the following:
Shepard’s wheatpaste,
a feather from Horkey’s helmeted bird,
a hair from Emek’s soul patch,
a Di Tenner from banksy,
and a bit of Tyler Stout’s incredible mojo…
then blessed these sacred f5 shirts. Refresh early, refresh often!

Use the voodoo spirit of the sacred f5 shirt and never miss out on a poster drop again!

Printed with metallic gold ink on a supersoft 100% Ringspun Cotton t-shirt, this shirt will guarantee* you success at poster drops the world over!

*Totally not guaranteed. We made that up.

available at

Patton X2!!

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Thanks again to Patton Oswalt for letting me be a part of his funny in a small way. He’s the bestest.

Chico High!

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I was commissioned to make this print to help raise money for Chico High School sports.
They are available at Art Etc. in Downtown Chico.


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The fifth installment of the Pop Sub 7″ screenprint club is making it rain! Rich Kelly, from Chicago was kind enough to be the special guest and made the best (and only) ficticious R. Kelly album cover ever!
Upping the ante, Pop Sub alumni Mike Munter took a break from learning to tattoo to collabo with me on the hot-to-def R. Kells tattoo flash! First person to get one of these tats wins and original drawing!
As if that wasnt bonkers enough, the set also includes an actual vinyl “R. Calvin” sticker! perfect for your Maybach, raised truck, or whatever.

as always, these are available at

Graf color book!

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After long, long last the Graf coloring book is out! Many amazing names gave me the ok to redraw their pieces for coloring book form, and i’m really happy with the results. Pick one up on Amazon or wherever you buy books these days!

Two new shirts!

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The kind folks at shirts and destroy just put up a new shirt for sale! the shirt version of the heavy metal ABC’s! Only $15 each! check it out at

POP SUB 4! My Favortie Neanderthals!

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The fourth installment of the POP SUB 7″ print series is out! This month’s theme is “My Favorite Neanderthals” and features guest shots from Jay Ryan AND Tim Doyle! read about them and purchase at